pictureline is a toy store for big kids

In the days where brick and mortar stores are becoming more and more scarce as online retailers take over, it’s refreshing to have a camera store where "same-day delivery" comes at no additional cost. Whether it’s a camera rental, purchasing a shiny new lens or even a simple lens cap or extra battery, there's something to be said about taking a quick trip downtown and being able to walk out of the store with the item in hand. The employees of pictureline are always friendly, never hard to find, and the store is always well presented. Pictureline is a toy store for big kids!

Pictureline is a rare gem of a store

In a modern day world where almost everything can be bought online, I look forward to my visits to pictureline more than any other store I visit. They consistently provide me the opportunity to purchase the latest camera equipment, always carrying the newest products. My experience does not end with a sale at pictureline as they invest in the growth of photographers through education, workshops and lectures. Overall I can not imagine there being a warmer, more friendly store to visit. Speaking as a photographer, I am lucky to live in Salt Lake City and be so close to pictureline.

Much more than a camera store

Pictureline is more than a camera store; it's a community. I know that when I walk into Pictureline, I'm getting the best advice from knowledgeable experts who understand all aspects of photography. I have purchased or rented all my cameras and equipment from Pictureline, they've been with me every step of the way as I advance along this journey. By hosting local events, promoting photographer's work and having passionate employees, Pictureline is the go-to for my photography needs.

Relationships that last a lifetime.

I walked into Pictureline for the first time in 1992 and was impressed by its organization and selection. The next time I visited, two employees addressed me by name as I walked through the door. I will never forget that experience. My success in photography can be credited to finding the right partners to work with and developing relationships that last a lifetime. Pictureline exemplifies that philosophy with their first-rate customer service. Twenty-three years later, I still enjoy walking through the doors and being asked “How may we help you, Robert?” It doesn’t get better than that.


I’m lucky to have pictureline so close by.

I feel incredibly lucky to have a store like pictureline so close by. Not only is their shop beautifully clean and well-organized, but their support staff is absolutely top-notch. They are very knowledgeable and take the time to explain products and answer questions every time you visit. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, or somewhere in between, pictureline will make you feel comfortable and excited about photography. Another one of the real perks of pictureline for me is their fantastic rental program, which comes in handy all the time! I’ll be a pictureline customer for years!

As a professional I chose Canon for its comfort.

When I started my wedding photography business I chose Canon for its ergonomics and how comfortable it felt in my hands. Now that I have been in business for four years, I am thankful I made the decision to purchase Canon products because in addition to being reliable, the unsurpassed quality allows me to clearly capture the natural, pure love that radiates from my couples.

I trust Nikon to perform at its best.

As a full-time professional portrait photographer and photography instructor, I rely on my equipment to help me produce top-quality images. Having access to the latest gear helps keep my portfolio fresh and interesting. This is why I trust Nikon equipment to perform at its best, so I can focus on interacting with my clients.


There is something special about pictureline.

There is a love of photography behind everything that they do, but the fact that the staff is personable and knowledgeable as well makes working with them an outstanding experience. It’s imperative to have the right equipment, and I trust pictureline to help me make informed decisions about the gear that I choose. When it comes to creating the right light, I know that Profoto has me covered. With their impressive range of light shaping tools, I have everything I need to bring my vision to life. While I concentrate on creating my images, pictureline and Profoto take care of the rest.


The bottom line is that they really do care.

When it comes to my equipment purchases, there is no one but pictureline. The staff keeps me informed on the latest and greatest information, and will spend the time answering each and every one of my questions. I work with pictureline not only to support small businesses but because they have supported my own business by bending over backward for me for 15 years. The staff has a passion for what they do, and more importantly, for what I do. And when you find passionate people, there is never a question of going anywhere else. The bottom line is that they really do care.

I rely on the expertise of the staff at pictureline.

Having the best photographic equipment in my hands going into each assignment gives me confidence. It also means that I have to keep up with the technology. The past decade of digital photography has been a rapid blur of change and I rely on the expertise of the staff at pictureline to steer me in the right direction. I have been buying my photography gear at pictureline since they opened their doors.  People are what my business is all about, in front of the camera and everyone helping me succeed.  I regard pictureline as part of my team.  It’s a long-standing relationship that I value and always look forward to walking through the door.


pictureline helps me stay ahead of the curve.

In the world of digital photography, you either keep up, or you get left behind. pictureline has been my technology partner, ever since I bought my first DSLR from them in 1992. Their commitment to innovation, technology, and training are my keys to always having cutting edge equipment and materials. Our community is SO lucky to have pictureline. As I have traveled across the country, I have never found any place like them. Clean, competent, professional. For nearly 25 years, pictureline has been my source for materials and equipment.


I remember when pictureline first opened.

It was refreshing to go there to buy supplies and equipment. It was intimate. It was uncluttered. The staff learned from us and paid attention to our needs, and pretty soon we were learning from them about innovative products and industry trends. The store has grown through the years, but the commitment of everyone at pictureline to great customer service and support has never faltered. It is still a pleasure to do business there.


pictureline helps me focus on my clients.

I’m not a gear head. I just know I need the best, and I depend on pictureline for that. I don’t want to spend my time reading about the latest and greatest—I want to be out and about photographing and interacting with my clients. For the fifteen years, I have been in the industry, no one has had my back like pictureline. Their store is full of great products, incredible service, and people I like to call my friends.


pictureline is one of my most valued resources.

As a working photographer that depends on my photographic tools on a daily basis, I can sincerely say that I count pictureline as one of my valued resources. In addition to having the professional equipmentI need to do my job, the expertise they provide is extremely beneficial. In a world that is quickly becoming more impersonal, it is reassuring to know that the personal service pictureline provides is readily available. Whether it is new equipment to purchase, an item I need to rent for a short time, professional training, or simple advice, I know that pictureline is my place to go.


pictureline’s service is nothing short of amazing.

pictureline’s combination of service and competence is hard to find elsewhere. They care about what you want and will help you find what will work best for you—not just what will make them the most money. Being able to go into a store full of professional photographers and experts who care about your needs and actually have answers to your questions and concerns is worth every penny! Not only do they cater to professional photographers, but also to anyone needing a camera. They also offer amazing photography classes and workshops for every level. Go in and try them out. You won’t be disappointed.


pictureline gives us the confidence we need.

pictureline has been a part of my photography business for many years. The entire pictureline staff provides prompt and knowledgeable answers to our questions and always provides the equipment we need to further our business. Our relationship with the employees there is critical to our success, and their reputation and ability to keep up with the products in our ever-changing industry gives us the confidence we need in all of our shoots—whether in Utah or locations around the globe.


Professional, knowledgeable, courteous, fast.

This is what I want in a long-term relationship with a critical vendor for my business. This is what you want from your camera store.

For me, Pictureline is about finding the right photography gear, learning how to use it, and establishing a long-term relationship with a professional camera retailer. When my students tell me I can find the same equipment online for a few dollars cheaper, I tell them that I would prefer the professional opinions and the fast, courteous service from everyone at pictureline. If they don't know the answer, they will find an employee who specializes in that area. That's service you can't pay for, and they don't charge extra for it. Pictureline is the only camera and video retailer that I recommend to workshop participants, friends, and family.

Terra Cooper

Pictureline is one of my most valuable resources.

This is what I want in a long-term relationship with a critical vendor for my business. This is what you want from your camera store.

I only buy my camera equipment from pictureline because I love their customer service. In today's world, it's easy to find equipment online, but it will never compare with the personal attention and care that the professional staff at pictureline offer. I know they are looking out for me as a person, and I refer everyone I know to them. They have a lot of customers, but they make you feel like you are the most important one in the store. I love going there to learn about new products and to attend the classes and workshops they offer. They are an asset to our community, and we are so fortunate to have them in Salt Lake City.

It’s all about who you know.

Cliché, but true. And if you know the good folks at pictureline, then you’re on the right track.

As a professional photographer, I am faced with countless deadlines in producing exceptional imagery for a wide array of clients. Working with the crew at pictureline ensures that my equipment will be the least of my worries. They are friendly, knowledgeable and reliable. They are neither the robot on the other end of the line, nor the stuffy over-anxious retail employee looking to make an extra buck. They are the professionals I turn to when my reputation depends on it. More than that, they are real people invested in the success and happiness of their customers. It matters not whether you’re a seasoned pro or an aspiring greenhorn, visit pictureline today and surround yourself with greatness.


I’ve never found another store that compares.

When I started my portrait studio seventeen years ago, pictureline was there to support me. The store is clean and aesthetically pleasing, and the staff is very knowledgeable. They've made my business a priority, and because of that, I consider them my friends and I value their advice. There’s nothing that compares to holding and trying new cameras or equipment out first hand, and buying locally will ensure that I get the very best quality and support possible. We're lucky to have pictureline in our back yard.


I feel lucky to have pictureline in my back yard.

As a full-time professional photographer, I need to have quick access to the latest photographic equipment both for purchase and for rent. At pictureline I know I can count on their staff to tell me honestly how the gear performs, instead of feeding me a sales pitch. They’ve helped me out of jams by shipping a new camera to me on location, and by hand delivering a projector adaptor when I was stuck downtown doing a public presentation. That kind of personal service is increasingly rare and valuable in today’s world.


There’s nothing like learning hands-on.

Before I buy a camera, I want to hold it in my hands and have a real conversation with an expert.

That’s what I find at pictureline, a wealth of knowledge about the very latest gear and how people are using it. I get lots of questions about the best camera and lenses for travel. I’ve been recommending pictureline to my Italy Workshop and portrait sutdents for 15 years because that’s where I go myself for answers. Deep expertise, and people who actually know my name... there’s nothing like it.


Excellent service, support, and product.

In this profession, all of these elements can make or break a shoot. Having a great support network behind me means one less thing to worry about.

When I walk in the door at pictureline the staff know my name and what I do. This alone makes me feel like I am not just another number, but part of the photographic community. In our ever-changing digital world, the crew at pictureline always have an answer to my question or a solution to my problem. When I find good customer service I don’t forget it and the people at pictureline provide the best. It’s what keeps me going back again and again.


At pictureline, their staff has got your back.

The expert staff at pictureline have been patiently answering my questions for the last 17 years and supplying me with all my gear since I was in high school. They have watched me grow as a shooter and have always delivered the tools I need to get the job done. At pictureline they take the time to understand what I shoot and are always prepared to support me in my endeavors. They have been a constant in my career, and the face to face relationships they build are what make them the one retailer I feel confident in and trust.


pictureline makes me better than i am...

The only part of amateur photography that I don't like is, well... being amateur.

That's why I like pictureline. I love to travel and bring back those perfect photographic memories. Pictureline helps me do just that. Whether it's tips in technique from the staff or questions about equipment, they always have the answers and suggestions that help me bring back the right images. Their classes offer exceptional instruction, and their selection of equipment is the best in the area. All this combines to make me 'better than I am.'