Brandon Bright

Salt Lake City, Utah

My interest in photography hit when I was in college for 3D animation and digital arts. When I graduated in 2000, I actually went into Information Technology as a career and digital arts fell to the wayside for a while. In 2006, my photography interest sparked again when exploring the Big Sur coastline in California. I picked up a DSLR and a few wide-angle lenses to explore landscape photography while I was in the area. A few years later, my career and life circumstances hit and I had to focus on those, but the photography bug never left.

Fast forward to 2015 when I moved to Utah for the love of my life—Darcy. She is absolutely amazing at stained glass and she was doing well selling it online. At the time, she was taking photos with her cell phone, which didn't showcase how amazing her pieces were. In 2017, I decided it was time for me to lend a hand with her photos and get back into landscapes. Fortunately for me, Pictureline was local and I decided to stop in and see what was available. The staff was amazing and super supportive. They answered all my questions and helped me get on my way. This time around, I started again with landscape specific gear and a lens to capture Darcy's stained glass. I eventually picked up some wildlife specific glass to capture some of the animals while I was out capturing landscapes. The wildlife eventually took over and now it's become a passion for me to be in the field capturing the moments of nature's critters and of course the amazing stained glass that Darcy makes!

I am extremely proud to be a part of the Pictureline Pro Team and it has been an amazing journey to get here. I look forward to the future and what we will all see!

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