Book: Children's Portrait Photography Handbook

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Children are notoriously difficult to photograph, but this book provides all of the techniques and insights that you need to succeed. Rangefinder editor Bill Hurter takes you behind the scenes with some of the world's top children's photographers to explore their amazing images—and see precisely how they created them. Packed with practical ideas, strategies, and stunning portraits from the industry's most highly acclaimed photographers, this book will both inform and inspire.

  • Selecting the right camera and lighting equipment for photographing rambunctious children
  • Studio lighting techniques for formal and casual portraits
  • Using window light to create natural-looking images
  • Taking your session outdoors for portraits that reflect the energy of kids at play
  • Posing tips for infants, toddlers, school-age children, and senior portraits
  • Age-specifc psychological insights for talking to kids and planning a shoot that will make your job easier
  • Strategies for creating albums your clients will treasure

Bill Hurter is the editor of Rangefinder magazine. He is the former editor of Petersen's Photographic and is a graduate of Brooks Institue of Photography, from which he holds an honorary Masters of Science degree. He has been involved in professional photography for more than twenty-five years.