Book: Professional Wedding Photography: Techniques and Images from Master Photographers

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This book titled Professional Wedding Photography will help you learn everything you need to know to embark in professional wedding photography. In a field where clients grow more demanding and style savy every day, wedding photographers can't depend on happy accidents. To capture images that satisfy their clients and stand the test of time, they must learn to inspire expressions, modulate lighting, pose the subject in a flattering manner, adjust composition, and interact well with the couple and their guests.

In this book, Lou Jacobs Jr. interviews ten of today's top wedding pros to garner their advice on capturing great shots and conquering business basics. Each chapter features one artist's working habits along with fifteen to twenty of their most popular and enduring images, marrying inspiration and education.


  • Marketing and promotional ideas for bigger profits
  • Tips for scheduling sessions, conducting consultations, and presenting images
  • Insights into inspirations, work habits, and influences of top shooters

Lou Jacobs Jr. is the author of Amherst Media's Photographer's Lighting Handbook and Take Great Pictures: A Simple Guide. He has also contributed articles and images for many publications, including Popular Photography, Rangefinder, Modern Photography, Petersen's PhotoGraphic, Modern Maturity, and Campus Photo.

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