Book: Simple Lighting Techniques

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Photographers often spend tens of thousands of dollars on the latest lights, light modifiers, and lighting gadgets. As Bill hurter shows in this book, however, they may be headed down a costly road to nowhere. Instead of complexity, he suggests, photographers should seek simplicity. This creates a look more "true" to portrait viewers and has come to be preferred over the more contrived looks that were popular in previous decades. Packed with incredible images from top photographers, this book is a critical resource for professional photographers (and aspiring professionals who want to create more natural portraits and get fewer headaches doing so.


  • Choosing versatile lighting equipment
  • Using simple modifiers to create professional portraits with window light
  • Designing one- and two-light studio setups for flattering, natural looking portraits
  • Working in the studio or on location
  • Photographing adults, kids, and groups
  • Techniques and images from dozens of the world's best portrait photographers
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