Aputure LS C300D Fresnel Mount

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Shape Your Light

The Aputure Fresnel is the ultimate light-shaping tool, offering versatility and intensity. Featuring an adjustable lens for flooding or spotting light output from a 12°-42° beam angle, this lens magnifies the light intensity on the wide side at 14000lux all the way up to a blinding 100000lux at 0.5M.

Endless Compatibility

This accessory fits perfectly with the Light Storm COB series, in addition to any Industrial standard mount continuous lights. Also with its modular design, you're now able to stack even more light shaping accessories like grids and barn doors to further customize your lighting solutions.

* Grids and barn doors are not included in Fresnel mount.

Rock Solid Industrial Design

High-build quality and durability are what make the Aputure Fresnel a professional tool, matching perfectly with Aputure's professional grade COB 120 series. With a fiberglass shell for strength and mobility, the design also allows for effective heat dissipation, minimizing high temperatures while in use.