Black Rapid Sport Left Handed Camera Strap (Sport-L)

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The BlackRapid RS-Sport L Extreme Sport Sling Camera Strap is designed for the active left-handed photographer. With its sturdy design and under-arm safety tether the RS-Sport L isn't going anywhere, even if you are.

The R-Strap is worn diagonally across the torso from your right shoulder to your left hip and is adjustable to fit most photographers. The wide pad has a mesh underside for comfort and breathability. The locking FastenR-3 screws into the tripod socket located on either the camera body or the lens, and the ConnectR-2 is a carabiner that attaches the fastener to the strap. Once connected, the camera hangs upside down, resting securely at your side or in the small of your back, with the lens pointing behind you. With the camera at your hip, you can maneuver easily through a crowd, carry a tripod or other gear, or simply have both hands free. When you're ready to take the shot, the camera quickly glides up the strap into shooting position.