Black Rapid Wrist Strap (CR-2)

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The Black Rapid Wrist Strap (CR-2) is similar to the Black Rapid basic wrist strap but includes the stainless steel FastenR FR-3. The FastenR FR-3 screws into the 1/4-20 tripod socket of your camera and swivels using the built-in high-strength steel ConnectR to ensure the safety of your camera when attached to the Black Rapid Wrist Strap.

With is tether-style 9.4" strap, the wrist strap allows you to hold your camera tightly in your hand without worry of it slipping or being grabbed and being damaged. The ConnectR is made with an corrosion-resistant anodized hook and has a smooth swivel motion with a positive lock to give you maximum position of your camera. The strap is made from soft nylon webbing.

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