Canon EOS C100 Mark II Dual Pixel AF Atomos Ninja 2 Kit

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The Canon EOS C100 Mark II Dual Pixel AF Atmos Ninja 2 Kit is the newest edition in the Canon EOS Cinema line, with Dual Pixel CMOS AF, which is simply the updated version of the redesigned C100. This incredible camera is created specifically for event videographers and filmmakers. Built with the continuous autofocus function, as well as the Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, the C100 Mark II is the fastest and most accurate autofocusing device in the Canon lineup.

Central to many of the new features of the new EOS C100 Mark II Digital Video Camera is its advanced Canon DIGIC DV4 image processor. The Canon DIGIC DV4 image processor separates the RGB output from the camera’s 8.3 Megapixel CMOS imager into three individual 8 megapixel signals (as opposed to 2MB in the EOS C100) for noticeably improved image quality. The Canon DIGIC DV4 processor also includes a new de-bayering algorithm to help minimize moiré and reduce video noise even at highISO speeds. (high-sensitivity recording on the camera ranges from ISO 320 to 102,400).

Previously available only as an optional upgrade for earlier Cinema EOS models, Dual Pixel CMOS AF is a standard feature on the new EOS C100 Mark II, providing enhanced autofocusing capability. The Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology helps provide smooth and consistent autofocus, so that focus transitions are natural looking and subjects can remain in focus even as they move off center. Optimized for one-person operation, the new C100 Mark II camera has a mobile core design enabling users to choose their preferred style of shooting. The existing design has been enhanced to include a large-size detachable eyecup for the camera’s large 68-degree tilting 0.45-inch 1.23 megapixel color EVF (electronic viewfinder). Clearly marked red trigger buttons on the camera body, top handle, grip, and a built-in mono microphone on the camera body ─ for times when the top handle is not attached ─ can be used to capture basic sound for audio notation or as an aid to audio syncing during post.

The addition of wireless file-transfer capabilities further expands the versatility of the new EOS C100 Mark II camera for multiple production applications, including transferring time-critical news video or backing-up files. Utilizing dual 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies, the camera can transfer video files via FTP server for instant relay, or send MP4 video to the web browsers of laptops or tablets for viewing and storage (even on PC’s lacking playback software). Remote control of the camera is also enabled via a compatible smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Ergonomically designed to be streamlined and supportive to one-person shooting, the new C100 weighs only 2.2 pounds in its basic configuration. Additional features to its streamlined use, the camera provides a variety of shooting styles as well as One-Shot AF and Push Auto Iris allows the operator to spend less time working on camera settings and more time capturing footage.

The Atomos Ninja 2 Video Recorder is an HDMI smart production recorder, monitor, and playback deck. It features an 800x480 resolution monitor that records directly from your camera's sensor, providing phemomenal quality at 1080/30p/60i. The Ninja 2 records in 10-bit, bypassing 8-bit and allowing your video to play nicely with effects in post. The Ninja 2 records video directly from the sensor to an HDD or SSD in either Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD, giving you universal non-linear editing support.

  • High-Quality Construction
  • Atom OS4 Operating System
  • Record Directly from the Sensor
  • 10-bit 4:2:2 Quality

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