Canon LH-DC80 Lens Hood for Canon G1 X Mark II / G1 X

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The Canon LH-DC80 Lens Hood is compatible with the 24-120mm (35mm equivalent) f/2.0-3.9 lens of the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II digital camera. The Canon LH-DC80 features a petal shape and blocks stray light from entering the lens to prevent flare, while also safeguarding the front element against inclement weather or impact if the subject comes too close.

The petal-shaped Canon LH-DC80 lens hood serves multiple purposes:

  • Shades the lens from stray light, improving your contrast and image quality.
  • Helps to keep moisture or wind-blown debris off the lens in inclement weather.
  • Protects the front barrel from the inevitable impacts against walls, door frames, and other real-life obstacles.