Canon LP-E19 Battery Pack

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The Canon LP-E19 Battery Pack is a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. It supports the maximum frame rate of 14 frames per second in the Canon 1D X Mark II. At 2700 mAh, this battery has about 10% higher capacity than its predecessor, the LP-E4N battery pack. The LP-E4N is compatible with the 1D X Mark II, but lowers the maximum frame rate to 12 FPS.

Must be charged with new LC-E19 charger (with red stripe on charger’s top surface). LP-E4n batteries can also be charged on the new LC-E19 charger.

The LP-E19 battery pack continues to provide full battery information within the EOS-1D X Mark II’s set-up menu, displaying the following:

• Type of battery in-use

• Remaining percentage of charge capacity, displayed in 1% increments

• Shutter count since this battery last charged

• Recharge performance — the relative ability of this battery to retain a charge

New levels of shooting performance — speeds to 14 fps, with AI Servo AF — along with 360,000 pixel RGB metering, multiple on-board processors, and so on mean that the EOS-1D X Mark II needs an even more powerful battery than in previous generation EOS-1D cameras.  To meet these demands, the EOS-1D X Mark II is launched along with a higher-energy battery, the Canon LP-E19 battery pack.


Compatible with the following Canon cameras:

EOS 1D X Mark II