Canon XC10 4K Professional Camcorder Kit

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The Canon XC10 utilizes both CFast2 card for 4k, and Class10 SD card for HD video and still images.
For a limited time, one 64GB CFast2 Card and Card Reader will be included in the box for no additional charge.
4K Wide-Angle 10x Zoom Lens with Image Stabilizer 
The Canon XC10 4K Camcorder incorporates a Canon 4K video lens that leverages proprietary Canon optical technologies derived from years of experience in developing Cinema, Broadcast, and EF Series lenses. This 10x wide-angle optical zoom lens offers a focal range of 24.1-241 mm for photos and 27.3-273 mm for movies. The use of UD (Ultra-low Dispersion) and Hi-UD lens elements helps compensate for chromatic aberrations and provides a compact size. An innovative retractable lens barrel structure integrating internal guide bars helps facilitate precise lens movement during zooms, and extends the lens barrel by a mere 36.2mm.

12 Megapixel One-Inch 4K-Compatible CMOS Image Sensor 
The XC10 4K Camcorder features a new Canon 12.0 Megapixel 1-inch CMOS image sensor with 12 stops of dynamic range, and video and photo shooting functionality. The hybrid design makes the XC10 4K Camcorder a true crossover capable of satisfying the needs of both video and still workflows.  With capture that includes both 4K and Full HD (FHD) video and still capture up to 12.0 Megapixels, the XC10 4K Camcorder is a strong contender in both market categories.
The advanced CMOS sensor uses Over-Sampling HD Processing for 1920x1080 capture, the same high-image-quality signal-processing system used by the high-end Canon EOS C500 4K Cinema camera.

Digic DV 5 Image Processor 
The Canon XC10 4K Camcorder incorporates Canon’s new DiG!C DV5 processor. This advanced core technology component provides the image-processing power and speed that enables such features as 4K video acquisition, Image Stabilization, slow and fast motion recording and precision AF. DiG!C DV 5 is integral in providing high image quality, advanced performance and convenient operability.

XF-AVC Codec for 4k 30p and Full HD 60p
The Canon XC10 4K Camcorder incorporates the new Canon XF-AVC Codec to balance ease of workflow with a high standard of image quality. For 4K recording, the high-image-quality XF-AVC Intra-Frame encoding is used, which captures all the detail and resolution of the CMOS sensor on a frame-by-frame basis, enabling edits to be made at any point in a motion sequence and high-quality stills to be extracted from any 4K motion-image frame. 

Multiple Recording Modes and Frame Rates
Multiple Recording Modes, Resolutions, and Frame Rates make the XC10 Canon 4K Camcorder creatively flexible in a variety of production environments.

Slow and Fast Motion Recording
Creative expression capabilities of the Canon XC10 4K Camcorder include Slow- and Fast-Motion recording. Depending on the camcorder’s record settings video can be recorded down to the slowest speed of 1/4x real-time (in 1280 x 720 resolution/120p) to a max of 1200x in Fast Motion.

4K Frame Grab
In-camera 8.3 Megapixel still photos can be extracted from 4k video files. After creating a 4K video movie, users can extract any frame they wish and convert it into a high-quality still photo.

12 Stops Dynamic Range 
Working in concert, the Canon 12.0 Megapixel 1-inch CMOS sensor, DiG!C DV 5 processor, and XF-AVC Codecs enable the Canon XC10 4K Camcorder to capture bright, highly detailed images at up to 20,000 ISO with a high dynamic range (12 stops of exposure latitude), and low picture noise.

Built-In Microphone
A built-in stereo microphone delivers linear PCM 48 kHz 16-bit audio recording. A separate mini-jack on the camcorder body also enables users to connect an external microphone.

The included viewfinder unit helps make shooting outside a breeze. This new accessory uses two reflecting mirrors to optically refract the image on the LCD monitor. It also supports low-angle shooting, and provides a user-friendly viewing environment.

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