IPPA File Management and IPS with Todd Hicken and Glenn Ricks (Nov 14th)

November 14th
10am - 1pm
305 W. 700 S.
Salt Lake City, Utah 


File Management and IPS with Todd Hicken and Glenn Ricks

$20 for Guests – FREE for members!


Glen Ricks, M. Photog. Cr. CPP, Fellow IPPA and a Past President and current member of the IPPA Board of Directors, is the owner- operator of Glen Ricks Photography Inc which opened in 1979.  He has seen a huge change from the film days to today’s digital.  His studio is currently located in American Fork.

Glen’s program will demonstrate his style of proofing and sales using Adobe Lightroom and ProSelect as well as his archiving style.  These methods used have evolved over the years - and will give you the patterns to follow as you define and refine a method that works for you.

Join Glen Ricks as he shows you how to transition to in-person sales to better serve your clients and boost your bottom line. He'll give you talking points and explain how an in-person sales process helps not only you and your business, but the client as well.


Todd Royal Hicken M.Photog.Cr. Fellow IPPA and President of IPPA is the owner and photographer of Impact Photography, located in Heber, Utah with a single sale Average of $4,000 and record of $48,800. Over the years, Todd has earned his Craftsman, Masters degree and several Photographer of the Year and Best of Show awards. 

Todd will cover asset management (keeping your digital files safe and accessible) Todd has been doing in person sales for over 30 Years and will show you how he does his projection sales with Capture One.