Flash for People Who (Think They) Hate Flash with Kellie Bieser (Online Webinar) - July 15th

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3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. (MDT)

As someone who loves the look of natural light, nothing makes me cringe more than photos that have that deer-in-headlights super-washed-out-faces-scary-terrible flash look (I am looking at you, disposable camera photos from the nineties!).

When I started studying photography, I truly believed that the only way you could capture beautiful light was to wait on the sun or invest in a lot of super expensive lighting equipment and learn a ton of confusing fractions and diagrams. This resulted in a lot of frustration, a ton of limitations, and most tragically, a lot of missed moments. Thankfully, I have learned that none of this is true: flash can be beautiful AND intuitive. As a photographer who has seen her art and her business TRANSFORMED by flash, it is the joy of a lifetime to teach others how to create light with confidence and discover the world of possibilities flash can bring to their work.

Get to Know Kellie: 

Kellie Bieser profoto ambassador

Kellie Bieser is a professional portrait photographer and enthusiastic educator based in Columbus, Ohio. She believes wholeheartedly that technical execution and emotional connection go hand-in-hand when creating memorable imagery. It’s her mission to capture photos that make her subjects see the magic right in front of them and to teach other photographers how to capture that magic themselves.

When she isn’t behind the camera, you can find Kellie on her mini-farm with her five kids, 30-something fancy chickens, four goats, and a very patient husband.