Fujichrome Velvia 100 4x5 Film (20 Sheets)

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The Fuji Velvia 100-F 4x5 (20) is a medium-speed daylight-type color reversal film. It achieves world-class color fidelity, reproducing even the most subtle hues due to Multi-Color-Correction-Layer technology. It features high resolution and super-fine grain (RMS 8).

This film produces intense color and features super-fine resolution. It is excellent for general photography or any scenario where fine detail is required. The Multi-Color-Correction-Layer technology assures accurate color representation under a wide variety of shooting scenarios.  Having a reputation for being a "real photographer's film," Fuji Velvia is for those who enjoy rich color and versatility.  With high saturated colors, you will have a full range of colors which yield vivid results.  Strategically designed couplers incorporated to improve color image stability.