Fujifilm Pro 400H 120 Fujicolor Color Negative Film (One Roll)

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Fujicolor Portrait Film NPH 400 Professional (NPH) is a new-generation professional daylight color negative film incorporating Fujifilm's proprietary fourth color-sensitive layer in addition to the conventional three RGB-sensitive layers. With its extremely useful high-speed ISO 400 rating, NPH provides faithful reproduction of neutral grays with sharply improved fidelity over a wide exposure range from under to overexposures.

Key Features

• High speed of ISO 400

• Faithful color reproduction of scenes under a wide variety of lighting

• Superb skin tones

• Excellent three-dimensional appearance

• 4th Color Layer Technology with enhanced optimization of spectral characteristics

- - In order to reduce the amount of excess packaging per roll, most of our film is ordered from the manufacturer in ProPacks, which come in boxes of 5 or 20 rolls. As a result, if you purchase small quantities of film, you may receive your film in the plastic canister without any external box. All pricing of our films are per roll. pictureline does not sell outdated film. You can be assured that you are receiving current, unopened rolls of film each time your order. If you would like the expiration date for your film, please so indicate in the notes section when you finalize your order.

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