Get To Know Your Canon Camera Thursday December 12th

SKU: GTKYCC-12122019

NOTICE: Due to uncertain circumstances from the developing situation, all previously planned in-person classes and events are currently postponed for a date to be determined later. Online classes and events remain as scheduled. We value the safety and health of our customers, and will post updates when available. Thank you for your patience.

December 12th
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Pictureline Classroom
305 West 700 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Own a Canon camera but still haven’t moved that dial out of the “auto” mode? We can help! Join us for a quick class that will have you shooting like a pro in no time. We'll walk you through the different buttons, settings and screens that have been causing you confusion in a friendly, intimidation-free setting. By the time this class is over, you’ll have unlocked the endless amount of amazing options and tools that can help you take incredible, professional-level photos. 

Some of what we’ll cover includes: 

  • Basic principles of photography 
  • Anatomy of the Canon DSLR dial 
  • Button names and functions 
  • How to use focusing points and focus buttons 
  • Playback buttons and Canon menus 
  • Controlling shutter speed 
  • Adjusting aperture 
  • What does ISO do? 
  • Bringing it all together to create amazing photos 

Class is limited to 20 students, so reserve your spot today!