Getting to Know Your Fujifilm Camera with Dan Bailey (August 10th, Friday)

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August 10th
Pictureline Classroom
305 West 700 South,
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Getting to Know Your Fujifilm X Series Camera

Are you new to Fujifilm or are you thinking about getting an X Series camera? Come to this informative class led by Fujifilm X Photographer Ambassador Dan Bailey and learn the ins and outs of this exciting camera system!

In this two-hour mini-workshop, Dan will highlight some of his favorite settings and features on the X Series and how they can help you expand your creative boundaries with photography. Having made a full transition to Fujifim after 20 years shooting with SLR cameras, he’ll discuss some of the main benefits that mirrorless cameras offer over traditional DSLRs, and he’ll shed light on the specific gear, lenses, compositional tips and methods he uses in his own fast moving style of outdoor, adventure and travel photography. We promise, by the end of the class, you’ll be inspired to go try some of the techniques you’ve learned!

Official Fujifilm X-Photographer Dan Bailey has been a full time adventure, outdoor and travel photographer since 1996. His immersive, first person style of shooting often places him right alongside his subjects as he documents the unfolding scene and searches for the perfect convergence of light, background and moment. A prolific educator, workshop leader and author, he has written seven eBooks, including the bestselling Fujifilm guide, X SERIES UNLIMITED, and he’s written two print books, Outdoor Action and Adventure Photography, published by Focal Press, and Adventure Photography, a Falcon Guides title co-published by Backpacker Magazine. In addition, Dan’s blog has been consistently ranked as one of the best photography blogs on the web.

Dan's client list includes Alaska Airlines, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Fidelity Investments, National Geographic Adventure, Outside, Patagonia, Outdoor Research, Backpacker Magazine, Salsa Cycles and Coleman. Dan currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska, where he spends his free time exploring gravel bars in his little yellow Cessna, hiking and skiing in the mountains and touring on his mountain bike.