HoldFast Maven American Bison 46” Strap (Mahogany)

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This product is no longer available

The HoldFast Maven American Bison 46” Strap is a fixed length strap. Its 46" length is a good cross body size for photographers of small to medium fit.

Each Maven Strap comes with 2 sets of split rings, so your camera and your backup camera are ready to go. 

To install the Maven Strap:

1. Install the supplied split rings onto the side lug mounts of the camera.
2. Thread the newly installed split ring through the hole/slit opening on the leather pad under the brass U-hook.
3. Position the split ring into the brass U-hook opening.
4. Lastly, with the split ring resting in the opening of the U-hook, orient the U-hook into horizontal position while applying slight pressure onto the split ring which will push the split ring to slide into position.
5. Please refer to the Maven Videos on the Maven page for more detailed instructions.