HUFA Lens Cap Clip

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The average camera owner looses 3-5 camera lens caps per year. The HUFA Lens Cap Clip solves this problem by keeping the lens cap close to the SLR Camera Lens and user at all times. The Hufa Holder is the perfect camera accessory for all of you SLR Camera needs. It fits all kinds of SLR lens cap including Nikon Lens, Canon Lens, Sigma Lens and Tamaron Lens caps.

It can connect to all types of SLR Neck Straps, including the Black Rapid straps, as well as fits most camera bags and lens bags.  Have more than one Camera Lens?  No problem!  The Hufa Holder can be stacked along the camera strap or camera bag creating a place for each camera lens cap you own.

Gone are the days of forgetting your lens cap at the beach, on a park bench, at the birthday party or the big game.  Keep your lens cap free of dust, sand, dirt, and water by securing it safely out of harm's way.  Keeps your lens cap out of your dog's mouth, out from under car tires, and out of the sand box.