Joby Action Clamp & GorillaPod Arm (Black/Red)

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The Joby Action Clamp & GorillaPod Arm comes with Tripod Mount for GoPro. This flexible 5-ball socket GorillaPod arm gives you instant and flexible positioning. The sliding locking arm moves quickly to accommodate a surface as thin as a stop sign or a table up to 2 inches in width. The screwing arm locks the sliding locking arm in place. 

Sliding Locking Arm
Ingenious sliding design lets you quickly close the gap on surfaces and locks automatically as you tighten the screwing arm. 

Screwing Locking Arm
Start with the screwing locking arm at its most unscrewed, close the gap first with the sliding locking arm, and then tighten the screw to get a firm, tight hold.

Flexible GorillaPod Arm
Joby's award-winning, flexible GorillaPod arm lets you quickly position your GoPro® at just the right angle. 

5-Ball Socket
With 5 balls and sockets, you have 5 different points of articulation to position your camera and get the right angle and elevation. Rotate the camera clockwise to point in the right direction. 

Use Your Phone With GripTight Mount
When you combine your Action Tripod with Locking Arm with the GripTight Mount (sold separately) you'll be able to set up your iPhone or Android phone for photos and videos just about anywhere! Take fun self-timer shots, create awesome timelapse photo series or create neat stop motion videos.