Joby Pro Sling Strap (S-L)

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The Joby Pro Sling Strap (S-L) is designed for DSLRs with zoom lenses and battery grips, the Pro Sling Strap can support even the heaviest camera rig.  Made with custom, high-strength textiles with integrated treat provides a comfortable fit with an anti-slip grip, with a custom woven textile for the Pro Sling Strap using computer-controlled looms, so you can carry your pro DSLR in comfort and confidence. It is optimized to smoothly and quickly glide through the camera strap hardware.

 Lightweight, streamlined and low profile, the Pro Sling Strap doesn't take up crucial space in your camera bag.  It folds up into a compact package and won't hold a crease.  A Camera Tether provides a backup connection point between the strap and your camera, offering peace of mind and additional security.  Attaching to your camera is a universal 1/4-20 tripod thumbscrew, a greased bearing inside the attachment mechanism allows your DSLR to sping 360 degrees without becoming unscrewed.  The strap hardware makes it easy to quickly access your camera to shoot then quickly secure it tight against your body. No missed shots! No camera bumping or banging around!

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