Light and Motion Stella Pro 10000c LED Light

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The Stella Pro corded series are the most compact, powerful, rugged LED lights in the industry. The 10000c features a variable speed fan that cools the light when lumens exceed 5000. Professional durability and water resistant design allows light to be utilized for on-location shoots with quick setup. Stella Pro's smooth, even, 120-degree beam can be easily shaped and modified to provide a light that renders colors beautifully with consistent, reliable, regulated output. With a wide range of mounting options and lighting modifiers, you can do things not possible with conventional lights. Stella lights are proudly built in our California manufacturing facility and feature a 2 year "Enhanced Experience Guarantee."

• High Output "Chip on Board" LED
• Certified TLCI 93, CRI 90, CCT 5000 Kelvin
• Output up to 20,580 Lux at 1 Meter 
• Sophisticated flicker-free firmware design - tested at 1000 fps without flicker
• Regulated lumen output - does not fade during use
• Continuous dimming with control ring 
• Integrated variable speed fan with low decibel levels automatically turns on when light output exceeds 5000 lumens
• Controlled focus from 120° down to 50° & 25°
• Broad range of accessories including Profoto and Chimera adaptability*
• OLED Digital Display for precise readout
• Runs off AC or 24V DC supply

*Compatible Accessories: Chimera Micro Softbox MFR #1355, Chimera Super Pro XXS Plus Lightbank MFR #1000 with Chimera Speed Ring MFR #9610, Profoto OCF Softbox 2' OCTA & Profoto OCF Speedring (w/Profoto Adapter), Spinlight 360® Modifiers

• 50° Focus Optic, Barn Doors, High Leverage Handle, C-Stand mount, Power Cord