Manfrotto E-704 GCD External Lens Sleeve Kit for 300 to 600 Tele Lenses (3 Sleeves)

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Wet weather is always a concern when operating expensive electronic equipment. Raincovers provide waterproof protection for your photo or video camera allowing you to continue your shoot confidently knowing your camera remains dry. Wiith the Manfrotto E-704 External Lens Sleeve Kit for 300 to 600 Tele-Lenses (3 Sleeves), it is designed to be attached to the E-702 PL or the E-705 PL (not included) when shooting with extra long zoom or telephoto lenses to provide you with that protection against all weather conditions. With easy access to lens controls at any point along the sleeve and easy adjustment with tightening the hood to match the diameter of the lens in use, makes this sleeve weather-proof and easy-to-use in all conditions.

Key Components:

• Short lens sleeve fits up to 350mm long lenses.

• Long lens sleeve to fit up to 650mm long lenses.

• Hard-sleeve for sealed access to the lens, or to attach a lens support.