Nikon DVD - Fast Fun & Easy II

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Featuring Nikon D40 and D60 Digital SLR Cameras. Hosted by award-winning National Geographic Traveler photographer, Bob Krist.

Nikon's smallest digital SLR cameras ever, the D40 and D40x offer extraordinary image quality, split second shutter response, and such simplicity that everyone can capture beautiful memories perfectly. With this new Nikon School DVD, world-renowned photographer Bob Krist will show you how to easily capture breathtaking pictures that will delight you, your family, and friends. See how easy it is to get the pictures you've always wanted.

Bob will lead you through a fun day of shooting while explaining the advantages of the various Digital Vari-Program Modes for...

  • Portraits
  • Sports and Action
  • Close-up
  • Pictures of Children
  • Landscapes

The DVD provides Fast Start help on...

  • Setting Up Your Camera
  • Taking Your First Pictures
  • LCD Monitor Settings
  • Automatic Shooting Modes
  • In-Camera Editing