OP/TECH Stabilizer Black

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Now with the OP/TECH Stabilizer Strap you don't have to  leave your camera behind  when bicycling, skiing  or hiking. Moving quickly  through crowds, brush  or even tackling a rough  hiking trail can be done  without fear of damaging  expensive cameras. Your  hands are free while  the neoprene STABILIZER  STRAP™ holds the  camera close to your body. You have quick  and easy access to the  camera by merely stretching  the neoprene STABILIZER STRAP™ over the  camera lens for quick  removal. It's not necessary  to use the quick disconnect  to access the camera.  There's no need for a  complicated harness as  the STABILIZER STRAP™ can  be quickly added to any  strap and removed when  the added stability is  not necessary. The STABILIZER  STRAP™ is fully adjustable from 19 to  55 inches and can be  easily customized by  merely cutting the webbing  to the desired length.  The quick disconnect  makes the strap easy  to attach and remove.  Ideal for the active photographer!

 • Fits over most cameras/lenses and holds them close to the body
 • Easy to attach using your existing neck strap
 • Fully adjustable
 • (approx. 19"– 55")
 • Lightweight
 • Quick disconnects
 • Very strong & durable
 • Comfortable & functional
 • Washable
 • Available in black