OrangeMonkie Halo Bars

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Halo bar is magnetic lighting accessory for the Foldio3. Fix the Halo bar on the side or bottom magnet areas of Foldio3 to create more amazing photos using the Halo bars.

Magnetic structure

Halo bar includes magnets to attach its body inside of Foldio3. You can attach it to the magnetic spots of Foldio3 studio according to your needs.

Dimmable LED lighting system

The Halo bar brightness can be controlled on the main dimming controller of Foldio3.


  • Compatible with Foldio3 for the best lighting condition.
  • Magnetic structure
  • Dimmable LED system (Daylight 5700k, white)

In the box:

  • Halo bar x 2 units
  • Y cable for connecting to Foldio3 dimming controller (1.2 M)