Westcott Pocket Box Erin Manning Educational Kit

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A complete flash kit with education that ties in all aspects of camera settings, flash operation, lighting and more! Learn alongside Erin Manning with this complete system which includes 3 compact light modifiers.

  • 1 x Pocket Box 8" x 12" Max  
  • 1 x Pocket Box 8.5" Round
  • 1 x Pocket Box 6" x 7" Mini

Incredible pictures. Incredibly easy.
These PocketBox diffusers set up in seconds and can be used with virtually any off-camera or on-camera flashes. Simply attach a flash to the backside of each unit and lock into place using the soft grip panels and flexible elastic strap.

Maximum light output.
The ultra reflective silver interior maximizes light output in this flash softbox.

Removable diffusion panel.
The removable inner diffusion panel helps spread the light for a soft, even output.

Flexible front of the box
Built with a heavy-duty, flexible wire framework (no plastic to break).

Westcott protects their equipment with a 1-year warranty!