Photo Masters - Milky Way Masterclass

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  • Instructor: Derek Sturman
  • Setting: Online self-paced course
  • Skill Level: Beginnner-Advanced

Are you interested in night sky photography and capturing striking images of the Milky Way? Join Derek Sturman in this comprehensive course where he breaks down the fundamentals of astrophotography. 

Milky Way Masterclass is an online course consisting of over 50 in-depth instruction videos educating students on how to take high-quality photos of the milky way galaxy. Students will learn how to get started with the basics of night sky photography including gear, technique, star tracking, and more. The course builds upon the basic knowledge to include more technical post-processing techniques in an editing software system. Students will have lifetime access to all education videos upon purchase of the course and may set their own learning pace. Milky Way Masterclass is designed to take an astrophotography beginner to an intermediate level. 

If you want to get a taste of Milky Way Masterclass before investing; we suggest signing up for Milky Way Crash Course which covers the essential basics. You can find both Milky Way Masterclass and Milky Way Crash Course through the external registration link. 

Meet your Instructor: Derek Sturman

I began photographing landscapes in July of 2015 while camping after picking up a DSLR camera. It was at that time that I began to experiment with long exposures and discovered my passion for fine art landscape and astrophotography. 

Though the majority of my work is centered on astrophotography, I have worked in several photographic fields including real estate and various product imaging. 

Some of the companies with whom I have partnered with or produced content for include:

Pictureline, Google, Amazon, Tamron, Foolography and Lume Cube. 

I'm proud to represent and recommend tools and brands that I trust and would recommend to close friends.

The outdoors and astrophotography is a deeply rooted passion of mine. I'm dedicated to providing my audience with knowledge and practical skills that will elevate your photographic abilities.