Photographic Print Society Meeting (March 14th)

March 14th
Pictureline Studio
305 W 700 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
March Meeting
Converting Color to Black and White: presenting photographic artwork from Death Valley
Alex Kravstov & Nadia Dolzhenko

Alex Kravstov and Nadia Dolzhenko are a photographer couple residing in Heber.  Alex got his photography education at the Salt Lake Art Center and Nadia at Salt Lake Community College.  They both love to travel and shoot together, although each chooses her/his own subjects and the way to capture them.  Afterwards, they review and discuss their images thus learning from each other.
Sand dunes of Death Valley are one of their favorite subjects to which they continue to return over the last several years.  Alex and Nadia have had a number of shows in Salt Lake art galleries, both together and separately.

Kathy Gardner's introduction of Alex and Nadia: I first saw the work of Alex Kravstov when he was a student at the Salt Lake Art Center.  He was always willing to put in the time and the effort to improve his printing techniques to get the best prints.  Later he became a member of the Photographic Print Society and brought to the competitions wonderful images from his travels.  When he and his wife, Nadia Dolzhenko, had a show at the Sweet Library I made sure I went to the opening.  I was stunned by the exquisite work from Death Valley.  The subtle black and white tones in their delicate images drew me back twice more to view the show.

You are going to love this presentation.

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