PocketWizard N10-ACC-1 Remote Camera Cable (1')

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The Pocket Wizard N90M-ACC Remote Cable Nikon is for remotely triggering the electronic shutter release of cameras with a Nikon 10-pin Remote Terminal. The cable is 3' in length. From 1/8" (3.5 mm) Stereo Miniphone to Nikon 10-pin Remote Terminal.

For MultiMAX with ACC port. This cable will NOT work with the Plus II. Works with the Nikon D200 or D100 w/ MB-D100 but will not work with the D700. Use the N90M-ACC-ND cable for that camera.

*ACC Cables are a special kind of Pre-Trigger cable for use with the new FlexTT5 or the latest MultiMAX. Toggle Pre-Trigger on and off remotely with the MultiMAX. Required for remote camera triggering with a FlexTT5 if using E-TTL functions.