Profoto B10 Introduction (October 20th, Saturday)

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October 20th
305 West 700 South,
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Pictureline is excited to have Rose Whitaker from Profoto in town to introduce the new B10 off-camera flash!

Join us for a hands-on shooting day with the B10, OFC modifiers, and umbrellas. You'll have an opportunity to photograph a local model and walk away with some great pictures. Rose will be available to show you how easy it is to get a great exposure using your camera and the Profoto Air TTL remote.

We will focus on Profoto's simple approach to perfect flash exposure using the new B10 and A1 portable studio lights and modifiers. Bring your cameras and see how easy it is to use off camera flash.

This will be an open house, come and go style event. 

"When it comes to lighting equipment, size matters - it does. That’s why Profoto created the Profoto B10, their smallest and lightest off-camera flash ever. With five times the power of a speedlight packed into the size and shape of a camera lens, it lets you be creative with light anywhere. You can even shoot video with the integrated continuous light. And thanks to compatibility with over 120 Light Shaping Tools, with all Profoto Air Remotes and connectivity with the Profoto App, you have almost endless opportunities to grow. The Profoto B10 truly is a big light in a small package."