Profoto OCF II Snoot

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Product Highlights

  • Soft collapsible design for compact packing
  • Narrows the light into a perfect circular shape
  • Easily mounts onto all Profoto Off-Camera Flashes (OCF)
  • Can be used with OCF Grids or Gels

Included Items

  • OCF II Snoot
  • Soft Bag
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty
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The Profoto OCF II Snoot is the modifier of choice for dramatically reducing the spread of light coming from an off camera flash, and will create a crisp, well defined light with no spill.

Secure mounting system

The rubber collar on the OCF II Snoot is designed to allow for easy mounting onto a flash unit while protecting the finish of the light itself, and is compatible with all of the Profoto OCF series flashes (B1, B1x, B10, B10 Plus). Combined with a metal clasp, the modifier will stay securely in place throughout any shoot.

Easily transportable and modifiable

The OCF II Snoot is soft and can fold-up quickly for transport without taking up a lot of space. When deployed, it can be mounted and ready to use in just a few seconds, keeping workflow moving without interruption. It can also easily be combined with the OCF II Gels when mounted to the OCF II Grid & Gel Holder, generating even more creative lighting options.