Profoto OCF Zoom Reflector

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The OCF Zoom Reflector is compact and lightweight which makes it ideal for shooting on-location. The OCF Zoom Reflector is so portable it even fits into the B1 case while mounted on the B1 or B1X - making it a handy timesaver when packing up. It doubles the effective light output at two meters range and also offers a wide beam angle adjustment range that extends light shaping opportunities further.


1 × OCF Zoom Reflector

Recommended for: Profoto OCF flashes (B1, B1X and B2), D1 and D2

  • Max light output: Up to +1.8 f-stop compared with built-in reflector
  • Light spread: Adjustable 40-80 beam angle
  • Dimensions: Diam: 210mm
  • Depth: 150mm
  • Use Restrictions: Max 1000Ws flash
  • Max 300W modeling light