Ray Flash 2 Universal Ring Flash (Long)

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The Ray Flash 2: Universal Ring Flash Adapter (Long) by ExpoImaging allows you to convert your shoe-mounted flash unit into a ring light. The large Ray Flash 2: Universal Ring Flash Adapter creates the characteristic ring flash look, a shadow-wrapped, flat lighting effect valued by photographers for fashion, portrait, and macro photography. To create this effect, the Ray Flash’s acrylic light guides efficiently direct light from a camera mounted speedlight into a circle around the camera’s lens. This Ray Flash attaches to your system by clamping onto the flash head and extending down around the lens. 

Camera Compatibility
The Ray Flash 2: Universal Ring Flash Adapter is compatible with any DSLR and flash combination with a distance of 6.9-7.5" between the flash head center and lens center due to the adjustable mounting options. It will fit over lenses up to 3.93" in diameter. Also, included with the Ray Flash 2: Universal Ring Flash Adapter is a black, rubber O-ring for ensuring your flash head stays in the appropriate positions without sagging.

New Ray Flash 2
The new Ray Flash 2 introduces a universal speedlight mount, adjustable height and a lower profile.  A new, universal, adjustable mount with a spring-loaded clamp allows the Ray Flash 2 to quickly and securely attach to different sizes of speedlights.  The center column of the Ray Flash 2 slides up and down to accommodate variations in camera and speedlight heights. 

No Batteries Required
Ray Flash Ring Flash adapters require no additional power as they redirect light from a speedlight down around the lens axis.  Ray Flash 2 can be used in full TTL mode, allowing highly mobile location photographer to take advantage of ring lighting.