Shooting Video with DSLR Part 1 (June 23rd, Saturday)

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June 23rd
Pictureline Classroom
305 West 700 South,
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

The two worlds of photography and shooting video with a DSLR carry many similarities, but each have their own unique spin. Differences such as shutter speed vs frame rate, and resolution description - megapixels vs 4K/HD. Whether you're new to both fields, or just to video, there are lots of fundamentals to know. Once you get a basic understanding of where to start, the sky will be the limit!

In this 2-part series, we will break you into the world of video and discuss the following topics: Shooting, Lighting, Audio, and Post Production.

Part 1 - Shooting & Lighting for Video

  • Camera Settings - Exposure Triangle
    • Shutter - Duration (frame rate)
    • Aperture
    • ISO
  • Resolution: 4K vs 1080p
  • Creating a Story Board
  • Lens Selection / Focus
  • Lighting Color Temp: White Balance
  • Choosing the Best Light

Join us for Part 2 next Saturday. For details, click HERE.