Sony BC-TRX Battery Charger f/RX100 M3, M4

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Quickly charge your Cyber-shot™ battery
Charge your digital camera battery faster than re-charging the main camera body so you will not miss shooting opportunities

Check the status indicator to see power levels
See how long it will be before you are back shooting by tracking approximate % charging status on the indicator lamp

Power a whole range of Cyber-shot™ batteries
Charger is compatible with seven types of battery, including NP-BX1, NP-BN1, NP-BN, NP-FG1/BG1, NP-FD1/BD1/FT1, NP-FR1 and NP-BK1

Flexibility to charge more devices
Use the USB charge function and supplied micro USB cable to power up Handycam® camcorders and Compact System Cameras too



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