Sony In-Store Demo Day with Sony Technical Rep David Rhodes (May 24th, Thursday)

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May 24th
305 West 700 South,
Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Dive into the fundamentals of photography with a Sony In-Store Demo Day. Learn from Sony Technical Representative, Dave Rhodes, as he goes over key features and uses of Sony's innovative camera systems.

Sony’s Photo Specialty Technical Representative has over 30 years of photography experience with teaching photo enthuses and offering workshops.

Dave is a dedicated professional instructor and photographer who combines a love of photography with a desire to help others who want to learn how to use and have fun taking pictures with their Sony digital cameras. That passion shows in every class or workshop! From a standard point-n-shoot to a sophisticated DSLR, Dave loves to help anyone who wants to learn.

Come by the store Thursday, May 24th and you’ll be amazed by what the “World of Photography” can bring you and your camera.