Sony VG-C4EM Vertical Grip for a7R IV and a9 II

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The Sony VG-C4EM Vertical Grip for the A7R IV and A9 II makes it easy to hold the camera and operate controls with nearly the same feel as when holding the camera horizontally. Double the capacity and operation time with space for two long-lasting NP-FZ100 batteries. A lightweight, compact magnesium alloy design matches the dust and moisture resistant durability of the Alpha 7R IV.



Prolonged continuous operation

Space for two high-capacity NP-FZ100 batteries in the grip supply additional power that doubles the effective operating time, compared with the camera alone. This ensures excellent performance while allowing the user to continue shooting in prolonged photo sessions, with no interruption.

Controls simulate horizontal shooting

The VG-C4EMprovides a stable grip and easy operation, with controls that mimic the location, feel and function of those used when holding the camera horizontally. This provides the user with a consistent grip and operational feel, regardless of whether the camera is being held in a horizontal or vertical position.

Reliability matches that of the Alpha 7R IV

Dust/moisture resistance1and the solidity of the magnesium alloy is similar to those of the camera body, ensuring the reliability of the entire α system.

Auto switch

Accommodates one or two Z-series batteries. When using two batteries, the camera automatically switches from one battery to the other, for continuous operation.

USB Charging

Batteries loaded in the vertical grip can be charged via the camera’s USB port without detaching the grip from the camera. In addition, supplementary power can be supplied via the camera’s USB port3for extended use.

Comfort and ease

The VG-C4EM is designed to almost precisely match the shape of the grip on the Alpha 7RIV to provide a more comfortable grip, while buttons, chassis material, and shape are consistent with those of the camera, providing an integrated appearance and operational feel. Tray-style battery compartment lets you easily slide in batteries.

Matching Alpha 7R IV buttons

Recent improvements to the material and shape of the Alpha 7R IV camera body have also been applied to the VG-C4EM Vertical Grip. Specifically, the grip incorporates improvements to the design of operating buttons which enhance the button pressing sensation, enlargement and optimized location of AF-ON button, and a redesigned Multi-selector. The grip is broader, providing more room for the pinky and middle finger, resulting in an operational “feel” that matches that of the Alpha 7R IV camera.