The Quality of Shadows with Tony Corbell (Online Webinar) - June 24th

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3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. (MDT)

Join photographic lighting educator and Profoto Legend of Light Tony Corbell, as he illustrates the ease, importance, and full understanding of working with “shadows.” Known as one of the leading lighting experts, Tony has been spending more and more time researching and teaching the concepts of shadows. Learn the controls necessary for creating soft shadows, hard shadows and creating depth and design found within the world of shadows.

Get to Know Tony:

Profoto Ambassador Tony Corbell

To say that Tony Corbell has had an interesting career is an understatement. In his more the 38 years in photography, he has photographed some of the most recognized faces including three US presidents, world leaders at the United Nations, fashion models, celebrities, NASA astronauts and a lot more. From his beginnings in a small west Texas town, he has photographed or taught photographic technical skills in more than 20 countries and world capitals as well as in all fifty US states.