Tiffen 62mm XLE Series Advantix IRND 3.0 10 Stop ND Filter

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The Tiffen XLE Series ADVANTIX filter is a 10 stop neutral density filter designed to be used on DSLR cameras in B&W or Color mode, plus APS-C sensors in these modes when used in combination with lenses approved for IR photography.

Designed to take extreme long exposure photographs in manual set up, the ADVANTIX filter will allow you to blur any movement in your image. The intensity of this effect is achieved through adjustments in manual mode of aperture, shutter and ISO settings. Designed to remove the near IR polluting light waves that our AXENT filter allows through, the ADVANTIX removes these polluting light waves by introducing an active absorbing element. This element adds a slight greenish color cast to the filter, which can be adjusted for, either in your camera’s white balance settings or in your post software afterwards.