Westcott 28" Apollo Flash Kit

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The Westcott 28" Apollo Flash Kit offers the convenience of an umbrella with the control of a soft box, making it perfect for on-location shoots. The Westcott 28" Apollo Flash Kit includes an adjustable shoe mount bracket and durable light stand. No adapter ring is required as the Westcott 28" Apollo Flash Kit produces 104-degree light spread, specular highlights, soft light, and pure color. The Westcott 28" Apollo Flash Kit will read TTL through the white diffusion front in most situations. Since the Westcott 28" Apollo Flash Kit is all metal construction built on an umbrella frame, the Apollo light modifier can be set up in seconds. With improved tilting, a removable diffusion panel, and recessed front edge, the Westcott 28" Apollo Flash Kit offers the ultimate light control.