Westcott Ice Light

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The Westcott Ice Light is a portable, handheld light-source for photographers. Besides being wildly convenient, the Ice Light also offers a soft light that beautifully illuminates your subjects. It is a dimmable 1,160 lumen LED shaped like a baton that is 20.25" long and weighs only 1.3 lbs. You can easily hold the Ice Light as you shoot, allowing you to get light as close to your subject as necessary to achieve your vision. The Ice Light is heat free, and the diffused front face provides a dreamy and even wrap-around light source. At true daylight color and over 50,000 hours of use, you won't need any additional light modifying tools. If you do find you need to mount your Ice Light, either end has a 1/4-20" screw so you can mount it to any light stand or tripod.

The Ice Light features a built-in battery that will last for 60 minutes on a 2.5 hour charge, and because it's 100-240V AC, you can charge the Ice Light from any electrical outlet. The Ice Light comes with gel clips, a battery power/charger cord, and a carrying case with shoulder and belt straps, making it easy to take your portable light source wherever your shoot takes you.

Handheld LED daylight light source
Designed by award-winning photographer and lecturer, Jerry Ghionis, the Ice Light offers the ability to shoot and light in tandem without the need of heavy light stands or additional mounting systems.

Cutting-Edge Technology
The Ice Light features the latest Lithium Ion battery technology and can be run both AC or DC power. Batteries are built into the lightweight 1.3 lb. design and can run for a full 60 minutes at full power. Fast charge times are less than 2.5 hours. Plug the Ice Light into any standard power outlet and run continuously (all while charging the unit).

Soft, Even Daylight Color
The LED array combined with the diffused front face offers an extremely soft and evenly wrap-around light source. This eliminates the need for additional light modifying tools. Lamps are true daylight color and rated for over 50,000 hours of use.

Perfect for Travel
The ergonomic design allows for single-handed operation and requires no additional mounting accessories. Both ends of the Ice Light incorporate a 1/4-20-thread with the option of mounting to a light stand, tilter bracket or mini tripod. The included carry case with shoulder and belt strap make going on-location a breeze. The Ice Light fits inside most regulation carry-on luggage. Multi voltage 100-240v allows for adaptability when traveling internationally.

All-in-One Solution
Attach a gel using the included gel clips to easily go from Daylight to Tungsten or add color for more dramatic results. The Ice Light includes the battery charger/power cord, 2 gel clips and carry case. Patent pending.