X-Rite ColorMunki Photo

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The x-rite ColorMunki Photo Color Management Solution is an all-in-one tool that provides display, projector, and RGB/CMYK printer profiling the help photographers quickly and easily match colors from display to print. The ColorMunki Photo is the professional's tool in capturing, viewing, sharing, printing, and reproducing your true colors every single time. Your time, and hard work, is precious – getting correct color should be as easy as we've actually made it.

X-Rite ColorMunki Photo instantly calibrates your cameras, monitors, projectors, and printers, eliminating any surprising red tints or sudden contrast changes that plagues the modern photographer. In just a few minutes, the Colormunki software completes monitor and projector profiling, guiding you through a range of options, so that you can rest assured that what you see on your monitor matches what you'll see anywhere else. The X-Rite team wants to help you focus on what's really important: taking pictures.

ColorMunki Photo Key Features:

  • Easy Calibration: The ColorMunki Photo makes display-to-print matching as easy as possible. The provided software guides you through the process, allowing you to choose whatever profiling function that suits your fancy.
  • Camera Profiling: With the ColorMunki Photo's software, you can create custom DNG profiles using both a desktop application and an Adobe Lightroom plug-in.
  • Printer Profiling: Get prints that match what you see on the screen perfectly! The ColorMunki Photo profiles RGB and CMYK printers to deliver outstanding results that do your work the full justice they deserve. You can even optimize for specific colors, black and white, and flesh tones. What's more, the ColorMunki Photo has crazy fast scanning capabilities to measure test charts in less than a minute, saving you precious workflow time.
  • Calibrate LCD & Laptop Computer Displays: You can use either Easy or Advanced mode to calibrate your computer monitors with ease. The Easy mode provides predetermined selections and the Advanced mode offers whitepoint or ambient measurements for the more season photographer. If the DDC auto detect control deems your monitor compliant, you can get one-button display profiling. Multiple displays are no problem either! You'll get before and after visualizations and calibration reminder prompts to keep you nice and calibrated any day any time.
  • Projector Profiling: If you need to display your images on a projector, the ColorMunki Photo is here to help you display them beautifully. With a quick switch of the devices selector, ColorMunki gives you accurate projector profiles that display your images in the manner you intended.