X-Rite ColorMunki Smile Color Calibration Solution

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The x-rite ColorMunki Smile Color Calibration Solution is a simple calibration tool that helps you get consistent color values on your laptop or desktop monitors. You can use the ColorMunki Smile with one LCD or LED monitor or on multiple monitors to make sure you have accurate color no matter which one you use. The ColorMunki Smile's wizard-driven software creates an intuitive interface that helps you easily calibrate your monitor and then see a before and after image to see the results.

To use the ColorMunki Smile, simply plug the device into your USB port and follow the on-screen instructions. ColorMunki Smile does all the work with a few clicks of the mouse. When the process is done you’ll see before and after results and your new color settings automatically start working. Whether you're viewing, editing, or sharing your images, you’ll know your colors are right.

ColorMunki Smile comes with a measurement device and super simple software. You also get easy-to-follow help videos, but the process is so easy, you probably won’t need them.

ColorMunki Smile Key Features:

  • Calibrate LCD & LED displays, either laptop or desktop
  • Intuitive wizard-driven software means no color science knowledge is required
  • Calibrate one or multiple monitors for color consistency everywhere
  • Uses the same color engine technology found in X-Rite’s professional level color calibration solutions
  • Before and after image shows instant results
  • Calibration reminder notifies you when it is time to re-calibrate your display
  • Easy to follow on-line help videos - no extra manuals needed

Color Calibration on the Go
Use the X-Rite ColorTRUE app to calibrate accurate color on your mobile devices. The X-Rite ColorTRUE color management app uses a supported X-Rite measurement device, such as the ColorMunki Smile, which measures the color of your iOS or Android device. The custom profile is then automatically applied to your images in the ColorTRUE Image Gallery (which are seamlessly linked to your existing albums). And voila! All images on your mobile devices now display accurate color.

Watch the video here on the X-Rite site for a more detailed explanation of the X-Rite ColorTRUE app and download the free X-Rite app via the iTunes Store or Google Play.