Zing Extra-Large Protective Stuff Pouch

SKU:565-421 UPC: 763465190012

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The Zing Extra-Large Protective Stuff Pouch is a multi-purpose Zing drawstring pouch that features color-keyed stretch lycra top hem that allows the drawstring to slide smoothly and cinch tightly.  Can be used in a bag for extra padding, worn on a belt through the reinforced web loop, or clipped to a bag, strap or belt using the sewn-on plastic snap hook.  

Zing neoprene is laminated between layers of smooth nylon knit. Unlike plain foam or rubber, it has extremely low surface friction. This makes it easy to slide and stretch over equipment, quick to remove, and scratch-resistant. Neoprene sheds water like a duck, making it an ideal outdoor material. This Zing case provides great protection against rain, snow, sand and dust. This pouch is extremely lightweight, and can be easily stuffed in a jacket or bag pocket when not in use. 

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