1134mm Effective Focal Length with Nikon 1 Mount Adapter FT1

When we first saw the J1 and V1 at DiGiTALFEST in late October, our first thoughts were "this would be a great camera if we could use it with our existing lenses". So when the FT1 mount arrive at pictureline, we were excited to test it out. Out of the box our V1 needed a firmware update to use the mount. It was super easy to update and took less than 5 minutes (firmware link). After the update, we decided to do some bird watching adding a Nikon 300mm lens plus a 1.4x teleconverter. Since the the camera has a 2.7x conversion, due to the sensor size, we now have an effective focal length of 1134mm. Perfect for birding and big game.

1134mm Hi-Powered Lens Testing! Here are our test results, non-photoshoped results.

Shot with a Nikon 300mm lens and a 1.4 teleconverter.

Purchase the Nikon FT-1 Mount Adapter – $249.95

January 2012