Canon has released the newest firmware update for the Canon 5D Mark II Camera. This adds the much awaited manual exposure while shooting video.

Download and learn more about the Canon 5D Mark II Firmware 1.1.0 here
Firmware Version 1.1.0 incorporates the following improvements and fixes.
1. Includes a function to enable the manual exposure setting when shooting movies.
2. Disables the function of the depth-of-field preview button when images are played
back or when the menu screen is displayed on the LCD panel.
3. Fixes a phenomenon where the peripheral illumination of images cannot be
properly corrected, even if the images were captured with the lens peripheral
illumination correction function set to Enable. *Digital Photo Professional
software version 3.6.1 or later (for Windows and Macintosh) can be used to
automatically correct the peripheral illumination of RAW and JPEG images
that were captured in the Peripheral illumination correction setting with cameras
that have Firmware Version 1.0.7 or earlier.
4. Fixes the algorithms of the Auto Lighting Optimizer function when Custom
Function C.Fn II-3 Highlight tone priority is enabled.
5. Fixes incorrect indications on the Arabic, Romanian, Spanish, and
Ukrainian menu screens.
6. Changes the battery information displayed on the camera when using the
optional Battery Grip BG-E6.

Firmware Version 1.1.0 is for EOS 5D Mark II cameras with firmware up to version 1.0.7. If the camera's firmware is already version 1.1.0, it is not necessary to update the firmware.

When updating to Firmware Version 1.1.0, please also update the Digital Photo Professional and Picture Style Editor software, which can be downloaded from Drivers/Software Selection.

A power failure during the firmware writing operation may disable the camera.
- Use a fully charged Battery Pack or dedicated AC Adapter Kit (Optional) ACK-E6
for the firmware update.
- Do not shut off the power during the firmware writing operation.
- Do not open the CF card slot cover during the firmware writing operation.
- Do not press any camera buttons during the firmware writing operation.

June 2009Technical documentation