This is an update for Canon EOS 7D owners.  Canon has released a service notice regarding a possible problem with the EOS 7D Firmware.  Canon will be working on a firmware fix for the problem.  We will try to update this blog post with the relevant information when it's released.  The following is from canonusa.

Service Notice: EOS 7D: Residual Image in Picture
Thank you for using Canon products.

We have confirmed that in certain camera settings and shooting conditions, the phenomenon described below may occur in images captured by the EOS 7D Digital SLR camera.

Canon is currently investigating and analyzing the cause of this phenomenon, and we are planning to release a firmware update to address this issue.

Once the support measures have been established, we will post the relevant information on our Web site.

We offer our most sincere apologies to customers using this product who have been inconvenienced by this issue. Going forward, we will spare no effort in our quality management to make sure our customers can use our products with confidence. We hope our efforts will earn your understanding.

In images captured by continuous shooting, and under certain conditions, barely noticeable traces of the immediately preceding frame may be visible. This phenomenon is not noticeable in an image with optimal exposure. The phenomenon may become more noticeable if a retouching process such as level compensation is applied to emphasize the image.

Affected Product

EOS 7D Digital SLR

October 2009