Canon Offers EOS Remote App for the 6D

EOS Remote is an application for Apple iOS or Android smartphones. When used with the Canon EOS 6D (built in Wi-Fi) it becomes a powerful accessory you can carry in you pocket. EOS Remote makes taking photos and checking images more convenient.

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The creative possibilities for photography increases when you use the remote function with Live View enabled, making photography even more fun. The EOS Remote app provides the possibility to quickly check photos in the camera using a smartphone. You can transfer and save images to your smartphone or even share them with friends or family.

EOS Remote allows connection via access points (infrastructure), but even in environments without access points, it can be used if you have just a camera and a smartphone. It can be used in places where Wi-Fi networks are scarce, such as outside cities, on coasts, in mountains, or in basement studios, and in trains or cars where signals are hard to catch.

By setting the camera on a surface or a tripod and connecting the EOS Remote app, it's easy to use Live View features and compose pictures, vertically or horizontally, right on a smartphone screen.

Camera Settings
The EOS Remote app enables wireless camera operation. The app makes it simple to control parameters like aperture, shutter speed and ISO – it's all laid out on the smartphone's screen.

AF Operation
Focus with the EOS Remote app is a breeze. Selecting, activating, locking and even expanding the focused frame is both intuitive and quick on the smartphone's screen – operation couldn't be simpler.

Remote Release
The EOS Remote app achieves quick and easy image capture with one touch shooting, or use a focus button for precise focus, slide your finger to the shutter button and release to take a photo.

Play & Review
You can quickly and easily check images in your camera with your smartphone. You can easily view images in the camera, rate them, or delete them, just as if you removed the camera’s rear LCD screen.

Transfer & Share
With the EOS Remote app, transferring, saving and sharing photos* is a breeze. Easily save images to a smartphone with a simple touch of a button, share to social networking sites, or send by email. For optimal quality and speed of transmission, images transferred from camera to smartphone are converted from RAW or large JPEG to S2 JPEG size (1920x1280).

System Requirements

Canon Camera

Smartphone Operating Systems

  • Apple iOS: 5.0 or later
  • Android OSs: 2.3.3 or later

*Tablets are not guaranteed to work

Download for iPhone Download for Android

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